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The Job

Gust is looking for a Customer Support Specialist to join a tight-knit, dedicated support team. As a support specialist, the bulk of your day-to-day will be spent working directly with our customers through email, live chat and screen share calls. You’ll be answering questions and helping them navigate through and troubleshoot our platforms.

In order to do so effectively, you’re first going to need to become a master user of all of Gust’s products, policies and practices. Our support team prides itself on being empowered to do what it takes to delight our customers. We’re not big on red tape or any kind of restrictive approaches to customer service. We’re humans helping humans. You’re awesome, and we want you to be awesome for our users.

When you’re not working with or for our customers, you’ll be assisting with interpreting their feedback into actionable data. What features cause the most problems? What requests do you get the most? As a member of the Customer Support Team you’ll be part of the “Voice of the Customer.”

Finally, as we develop new products and services for our customers, you’ll be asked to step up and fill gaps in technology with manual processes. That means you’ll be called upon for basic data entry and account management tasks.

We know that “Support” can make people think of headsets and cubicles. That isn’t what this role is. This is an entry-level opportunity at an exciting tech company where you’ll be sitting right where the action is. You’ll be working alongside Product, Development, Marketing, our executive team, and our customers, who are themselves founders with exciting startups. For the right person, this is a great way to kick off a career in tech.

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